Most people eventually need to have their wisdom tooth removed for the health of their smile. When a wisdom tooth is impacted, it may lead to crowding, gum infection, decay, pain, or even cyst formation. Wisdom tooth extraction is necessary to treat or prevent any of these complications. Typically, the longer you wait to have it removed, the more serious the problems may be.

Problems Associated with Wisdom Teeth

Our wisdom teeth extraction in Napa is performed to either treat an oral problem or prevent an inevitable complication, such as:

  • Tooth crowding – This may lead to damage to the tooth’s surface, and eventually, the decay and loss of essential molars.
  • Impaction – The tooth may get stuck in the jaw bone and fail to break through the gum’s surface, which may cause structural problems.
  • Infection – Impaction may result in swollen and painful gums surrounding the tooth, potentially creating gaps in the gum tissue that are prone to infection.
  • Gum disease and tooth decay – The wisdom tooth is less accessible to brushing and flossing, contributing to tooth decay and gum disease, and the decay of the adjacent tooth.

Why Choose VanDenburgh Dental?

Led by Dr. Steven VanDenburgh, our team puts your comfort and satisfaction first. We work hard to ensure that you feel comfortable and relaxed during each wisdom tooth extraction, creating a calm and friendly atmosphere from start to finish.

We understand what losing a tooth may mean to you, which is why we offer multiple restorative and cosmetic services to replace the lost tooth. Whichever procedure we undertake, we have one goal in mind: to help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile.

For more information about our tooth extraction in Napa, feel free to contact us today.