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You probably realize that being pregnant means you’ll have to change your lifestyle. That could mean eating, dieting, and even exercising differently. But, do you know how being pregnant changes how you should care for your oral health?

As you probably know, your overall health affects your baby’s health as well. What you may not realize is that the health of your smile can impact your oral health drastically.

For example, gum disease can cause very serious problems for pregnant women. Typically, this is because of a change in hormones levels during pregnancy. Particularly, the hormone progesterone is elevated in pregnant women, which causes can lead to our gums becoming inflamed. This makes gingivitis (which is technically inflamed gums) extremely common in pregnant women.

Sadly, gum diseases like gingivitis can lead to a new variety of problems. If your gums are infected—which is a major component of gum disease—the infection can get into your bloodstream and spread throughout your body. If this happens, women with periodontal disease are more likely to have high blood pressure and preterm delivery.

Fortunately, your dentist can treat gum disease safely even while you’re pregnant. Still, preventing gum disease is always preferable to treating it. To prevent gum disease, please remember to brush your teeth properly and to floss daily. Similarly, please don’t neglect routine clearings while you’re pregnant. They are perfectly safe—in fact, your dentist may recommend cleanings more regularly than they normally would

Furthermore, your dentist will be able to meet many of your dental needs, though they will probably try to avoid dental work during the first trimester. If you worry about something being wrong with your teeth, please contact your dentist immediately.

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