A white filling is a special type of dental restoration used to stop tooth decay from infecting your tooth. Fillings, in general, literally fill in the space left by tooth decay once it is removed to maintain tooth size and function. There are many types of materials that have been used for fillings; at VanDenburgh Dental we use a special composite plastic material for an incredible bond and natural aesthetic. Because the composite material is tooth-colored, they are referred to as white fillings. Dr. VanDenburgh, our excellent dentist, provides high-quality white fillings to help you achieve a beautiful, healthy smile.

To place a white filling in Napa, CA, our talented dental team will first remove any decay or damage. The empty area is cleaned thoroughly and composite material is prepared. It is soft and malleable when first applied, allowing Dr. VanDenburgh to shape and sculpt the white filling accordingly. Once the white filling is perfectly fitted to your natural smile and bite, it is hardened with a special light for a long-lasting bond. White fillings are easy to place, quick, and painless. In fact, it generally only takes one visit to our office to have a white filling put in. To schedule your appointment, call our dental office today.