Root canal treatment works to restore severely damaged teeth and prevent the need for extraction. Our root canal treatment in Napa aims to save your natural tooth at all costs and maintain its function, normal biting pressure, and natural appearance.

Why Do I Need Root Canal Treatment?

To understand root canal treatment, it helps to learn about the tooth’s anatomy. The protective outer surface is called enamel, and underneath the enamel is a hard layer called dentin. Underneath it all, there is a soft issue called pulp, which contains nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue aiding the growth of the tooth root during development.

In the case of severe decay, the damage extends beyond the dentin and into the pulp, leading to inflammation and infection. The symptoms include intense toothache, and swollen and tender gums around the tooth.

If the infection advances, the severely damaged tooth eventually dies. At that point, the tooth is beyond saving and will require extraction. If detected just in time, the dentist may stop the infection and restore the tooth with root canal, eliminating the need for removal and tooth loss.

How Does Root Canal Treatment Work?

Also known as root canal, root canal treatment removes the infected/dead pulp and thoroughly cleans the inside of the tooth. Once the tooth is completely free of debris, the dentist seals it with a filling or crown to protect from future damage and maintain function and appearance.

If you are experiencing intense toothache, it may be a sign of severe decay and a need for a root canal. A consultation with our dentist will assess the situation and tell you the necessary treatment. To set an appointment or know more about our services, feel free to contact us today.