Over the course of your life, the enamel of your teeth can become discolored or stained. Age alone causes yellowing, and certain lifestyle habits only make things worse. Smoking, tobacco use, wine, coffee, sugary foods, and dark-colored drinks cause stains, while old metal dental restorations can darken your smile as well. To help reverse this process, our skilled dental team at VanDenburgh Dental provides teeth whitening to restore your beautiful smile. While there are many types of teeth whitening methods, all are similar in their basic approach. Generally, through in-office or at-home systems, a gentle hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to the surface of your teeth. The gel absorbs into the discolored enamel of your tooth to bleach deep-rooted stains and discoloration.

Our teeth whitening method of choice is teeth whitening trays. Our talented dentist, Dr. VanDenburgh, will make custom plastic trays from molds of your teeth to hold the whitening gel. Through this method, you will be able to whiten your smile at your own convenience at home. Teeth whitening is safe, easy to do, and effective in boosting self-confidence. For more information about professional teeth whitening in Napa, CA, we encourage you to call or visit our dental office to schedule a consultation today. We look forward to helping you achieve a more beautiful smile!