Porcelain fixed bridges are permanent dental appliances used to replace missing teeth. They are called dental bridges because they literally bridge the gap created by a missing tooth. A dental bridge is most useful in replacing one or more missing teeth all in a row. There are many types of dental bridges available, depending on which teeth you are missing. Dr. VanDenburgh, our skilled dentist, will be able to determine if a dental bridge is the best way to restore your smile and what type is best for you.

A typical dental bridge in Napa, CA utilizes a replacement tooth called a pontic that is anchored by two dental crowns.

We use CERECĀ® same-day restoration technology to produce your dental restoration in just one office visit. Our material of choice is porcelain due to its beauty and strength. To permanently attach your dental bridge, we will first prepare the teeth that will hold the crowns by gently reshaping the surface of the tooth to accommodate the size of the crown. The pontic is anchored in place by these dental crowns. Once Dr. VanDenburgh has ensured the porcelain fixed bridge is exact in fit, he will cement it into place. We invite you to learn more about porcelain fixed bridges and how they can restore your smile by calling our office today.